As you're getting up this morning did you know that the position in which you sleep, actually says something about you?  Think about the way you sleep, no don't go back to bed to do it...just envision it.

Here are some common sleep positions and what they mean:

  • Side-laying fetal position - you are sensitive, but you project a tough exterior
  • Sleeping like a log - laying on your side with your arms at your side - you're  probably easy-going, social, trusting of strangers, and maybe a bit gullible.
  • Left side sleeping may improve heartburn
  • Right side sleeping may be better for your heart
  • Side sleeping - knees slightly bent, small pillow between the knees or hugging your pillow with your cell phone in your hand means you are trying for Lionel Richie tickets later this morning on the Breeze. (I might have used a little poetic license on the last sleeping position)

Readers Digest has the full list and more here.

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