UPDATE: It's official: Newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex!

ORIGINAL (5/16): It's a dream-come-true for so many little girls: On Saturday, May 19, humanitarian and former actress Meghan Markle will marry her very own real-life prince, British royal Prince Harry. But just what will her official title be following the royal wedding?

Similar to how Kate Middleton is called the Duchess of Cambridge, not Princess Kate or the Princess of Cambridge, it's likely that Meghan will also earn the title of duchess upon her nuptials to Harry, who, in turn, will likely become a duke.

Regardless of her title, however, Markle won't be in line for the throne, a status that can only be attained through royal blood. (Simply put: Don't expect any Queen Meghan Markle bobbleheads down the line.)

Her husband-to-be, Harry—Prince Henry of Wales—is currently sixth in line for the throne, behind his brother William, the Duke of Wales; his niece, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge; his nephews, Prince Louis Arthur Charles and Prince George of Cambridge; and his father Charles, the Prince of Wales.

As it stands, when Queen Elizabeth passes away, the Prince of Wales, Charles, will be King, not Queen Elizabeth's husband, Prince Philip. Similarly, if Harry were ever to become king, Meghan's title would likely be adjusted to princess, not queen.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Wedding Guests

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