"What the heck is that?" said my daughter.  While, my other daughter said with passion, "That's so cool!"  Two very different responses to an outdoor sculpture recently erected in Elmwood Village.  But, isn't that the point of art, to make you think?

hotel henry sculpture

According to the Richardson Olmsted Campus site, this sculpture called "Look and See," by artist Jim Hodges, was moved, recently, from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery's outdoor Sculpture into this new public space, in front of the new Hotel Henry, on the Richardson Olmsted Campus.

Yesterday, actually walked over to check it out, with my dog, Xena.  You can actually step through it, love that interaction.

If you feel like sculpture exploring this summer, here are some public art treasures: two outside the  Albright-Knox Museum "Laura," and one of my favorites, "Karma."  Lastly, who could ever overlook, Canalside's "Shark Girl."

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