Townsquare Media Buffalo is excited to bring Lemonade Day to our city this year! We have partnered with the Amherst Youth Foundation to have this great program available to kids. On June 18th, we hope hundreds of kids will set up lemonade stands all over the city and that all our residents will get out and support the stands. WE want to make a difference in some children’s lives!!

This is all possible thanks to our sponsors:

Presenting Sponsor: Valu Home Centers

What do kids learn by participating in Lemonade Day?

Financial Literacy & Economics

capital equipment & consumables
supply & demand
credit, debt, gross & net income
marginal utility
return on investment
compound interest

College Readiness & Career

critical thinking & collaboration
interest in attending college
civic responsibility
customer service
teamwork & problem solving
presentation skills & design

Life Skills/Personal Development

belief that attaining goals is within reach
personal productivity
self-direction & time management
social responsibility & charity
high order thinking
social skills & self confidence


math calculations
reading & interpreting data
oral & written communication

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