Lent is here which usually means you have to give something up.  It's a religious season, but even if you don't follow any religion you can still participate.  Sometimes it's fun to give up something to test your will power!


Christianitytoday.com took twitters top Lent tweets and came up with a list of what most people are giving up this year.  73,000 tweets were analyzed and the list isn't completely surprising, you have your staples of alcohol, chocolate, smoking, and swearing on there, but there are a few that are unique to this year.


Donald Trump came in at #22 (up 62 spots year over year), and the presidency in general is #52 which is an 82 spot jump over last year.  This makes complete sense, we are all tired of talking about that regardless of what side of the aisle you fall on.


Social Networking was #2 on the list where it was last year, and that seems to go hand in hand with the Trump and presidency type stuff.  It's probably good if everyone takes a time out from the social network every once in a while, recharge the batteries, and remember why it was invented - to post pictures of your food, kids, and the life you don't really live.

Here is the Top 10 Most Lenten Sacrifices on Twitter in 2017:

Rank  Word         Count   YoY   Tony P's Thoughts

1. Alcohol               2,396   +2  I'll drink to that!

2. Social Network  2,148    0   Does Tinder count for this?

3. Chocolate          2,143   -2   If we are talking white chocolate I am in!

4. Twitter               2,064    0   Can I still read the President's 2am rants??

5. Chips                 1,416  +15  What if you break a Lent sacrifice? Asking for a friend.

6. Swearing           1,395    0    F*#% that!

7. School               1,189   -2    No school events!  I can do that!

8. Soda                  1,186   -1    It's Pop so you should have given up soda years ago!

9. Fast Food          1.092  +1   I'll have to get my wife to cook slower.

10. Sweets             990     -2  This covers a lot, including my personality. Can't give that up!


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