We understood Westworld’s need for secrecy around its time-turning twist, but a samurai-themed park bearing the initials “SW” seemed … less worth the hassle. Fortunately, producers have at last revealed the new park’s name, and it’s … yeah, pretty much what you thought.

If “Samurai World” seemed a tad on the nose for a park adjoining the subtle nuance of “Westworld,” Entertainment Weekly now confirms the second-most obvious guess. Yes, “SW” indeed stands for “Shogun World,” and the Season 1 finale script even identified it as such (albeit with one word). As EW notes, Shogun refers to “a term applied to military commanders in feudal Japan.”

That said, none of the existing trailers have implied we’ll spend much time in Shogun World, or any of the other four parks alluded to on the Delos website. At best, we know LOST alum Hiroyuki Sanada will appear in Season 2 as “Musashi,” a character whose name and samurai armor were revealed by the character’s Funko POP! toy.

We’ll hopefully get a clearer picture of Shogun World before the April 22 premiere, but – between Elsie, Stubbs and that faceless host – what other mysteries might Westworld Season 2 solve ahead of time?

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