After a warm start to the week yesterday, with temperatures in the 60s, we’ll see clouds thicken with periods of rain (today) Tuesday.  That rain will most likely last right through the afternoon before tapering toward evening.  Some locally heavier downpours are possible especially early Tuesday afternoon.

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Sunshine returns Wednesday with continued above-average high temperatures.  Widespread rain returns Thursday night-Friday. Theweekend looks pretty nice, just a bit cooler. Expect cool, but pleasant weather for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Buffalo on Sunday.

TODAY: Breezy, Periods of Rain, Heavier at times early afternoon, Rain tapers off this evening, Early High: 49-54, temperatures fall through the 40s


WEDNESDAY: Partly Sunny, High: 44, Low: 34.


THURSDAY: Partly Sunny, Breezy PM, High: 52, Low: 44.


FRIDAY: Windy, Turning Colder PM, Morning Rain tapers PM, High: 49, Low: 31.


SATURDAY: Breezy, Partly Sunny, High: 40, Low: 28.


SUNDAY: Partly Sunny, High: 41, Low: 28.


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