The Buffalo Bills are set for their home opener tonight as they play host to the Tennessee Titans and the weather looks like it won't be the best.

But that forecast tracks for Monday Night Football games here in Western New York. Granted there hasn't been a ton of Monday Night Football games played in Orchard Park in the past two decades, but the ones that did take place for the most part were in undesirable weather.

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WGRZ's meteorologist Patrick Hammer broke down the weather for the last several Monday Night Football games in Orchard Park and the results weren't great.

In 2014, the Bills were supposed to be in Orchard Park but that game was moved to Detroit because Western New York was hammered with six feet of snow and the teams couldn't get to the stadium and the crews couldn't clear it out fast enough.

So when was the last good weather Monday Night football game in Buffalo? That would have been October 8th, 2007 when the Bills lost to the Cowboys 25-24.

The weather looks like it will be a wet one for tailgating and then clear up for kick-off, so next year we might be able to say the last good weather Monday Night Game in Buffalo was on September 19th, 2022.

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