Let's go Buffalo! Watching these retro Buffalo Bills commercials is a great trip down memory lane for real Bills Mafia members. There were lots of commercials starring Jim Kelly. My personal favorite is the 1991 Cellular One ad. First, that brick phone, then when Jim Ritcher hit himself on the forehead I had to laugh. My other personal fav is the Budweiser commercial where the guy says he hates bills (not the Bills). The Wegman's ad is also pretty funny with the kid not recognizing Jim Kelly. If you're a true Bills fan, take a trip back and enjoy.

Buffalo Bills Budweiser Commercial

Credit: cylusdesign via Youtube

ESPN Buffalo Bills Commercial

Credit: vidmio via Youtube

1991 commercial for Cellular One, Buffalo Telephone Company, starring Jim Kelly, Will Wolford, Jim Ritcher, Kent Hull, John Davis, and Howard Ballard

Credit: Buffalo Archives Now via Youtube

Marv Levy Coors Light Commercial

Credit: MelindaMercadozy37 via Youtube

Bruce Smith "Bad Things" Nike Commercial

Credit: Brian Lopez via Youtube

Jim Kelly Wegman's Commercial

Credit: Jay Advertising via Youtube

1987 Jim Kelly Buffalo Bills Toys R Us Commercial

Credit: RetroTy: The Pulse of Nostalgia via Youtube

1993 Jim Kelly NUPRIN Commercial

Credit: IceManNYR via Youtube

1980 Isiah Robertson "I got a feeling Buffalo's going to the Super Bowl" Ad

Credit: Mark O'Loughlin via Youtube

1996 Buffalo Bills Snickers Commercial Super Bowl XXX

Credit: Sports Odyssey via Youtube

Buffalo Bills NFL on CBS Commercial

Credit: JoeYouTube via Youtube

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