If you have kids or a pet that spends time outside, you might want to watch for what is dropping from the sky!

Just a week after they were dropped in Erie County, The Niagara County Department of Health plans on releasing oral rabies vaccine this week.

This will be the 6th year the county has combated rabies using this method.

During the baiting period, residents may see and hear low-flying aircraft over Niagara and observe program staff distributing green packets by hand and car around Niagara Falls or Buffalo neighborhoods,” said Paul Dicky, Environmental Health Director. The ONRAB baits are about the size of a matchbox and are comprised of vegetable shortening, wax, icing sugar, vegetable oil and flavoring. Humans and pets cannot get rabies from the bait.  It is anticipated that 400,000 baits will be distributed over Niagara and Erie Counties.  If you find ORV baits, leave them alone unless they are found where children or pets play


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