Snapchat is the absolute best invention when it comes to entertaining your kids with your phone, and capturing video/pics to embarrass them with for years to come. Enjoyment all around!

It had been a while since I snapchatted with my kids, and yesterday we discovered the corn face filter.



Me: Are you corn?

Charlie: Yeah.

Me: Say Hi, corn.

Charlie: Hey.




Kids being adorable on Snapchat isn't anything new. I love this list that Buzzfeed put together, "23 Snapchats From Toddlers."

Though the article from, Parents Using Snapchat To Terrify Their Toddlers Is The Definition Of ‘Parenting Fail’, brings up some good points about Snapchatting with your little ones: "Kids are gullible and filters are fun, so some parents decided to use the horrifying monster filters to play tricks on their kids. Now, if you search for “scared kid on Snapchat” or other related terms on YouTube, you can find dozens videos of parents “hilariously” terrifying their toddlers and then laughing as they cry and try to hide."

The author continues, "It’s not that playing tricks on kids is inherently wrong, but there has to be a line there where we recognize what they can and can’t handle. Most of the kids in these video are preschool age or younger."

Dr. Darcia Narvaez says, "One of the most important characteristics for healthy development is a sense of trust. Watching violent and scary media beyond one's control leads one to mistrust one's caregivers and the world. When people think the world is a dangerous place (as those who watch a lot of TV do), they are less sensitive towards others and more self-concerned," in the article Is it good to make kids afraid? in Psychology Today.

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