On Friday night, Val and I, along with a bunch of fun and talented listeners, took part in our Mix96 'Painting with a Twist' party!  It was a blast and if you haven't tried it yet, you NEED to!


Our chosen artwork was the 'Paisley Bison'.  It was an interesting piece because it had a lot of intricate parts to it.  Our group took the challenge head on and turned out some amazing works of art!  Some were talented, and some just do better with liquid courage, but either way everyone did great.


We captured the event in pictures, but you really had to be there to experience the fun. Not only did we drink, laugh, and paint but a karaoke concert broke out at one point and everyone was singing!  It was a riot, and if you missed this one, make sure you catch the next one.

THANK YOU again to all our friends at 'Painting with a Twist' that help make this possible - Mary, Lisa, Christie, Missy, and Eliza! Also, thank you for voting my painting #1 over Val's. Clearly you were right, the pictures don't lie! Get 'em next time Val:)

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