Last weekend was my bestie's birthday, and we all got together for drinks and dinner downtown (INCREDIBLE food and artisan cocktails, btw).  We had a great time, but the drive from Tonawanda to the city sometimes annoys me. No, it's not exactly a full-on road trip, but it's so nice to have someone else do the driving, especially if you're planning on some adult beverages during your excursion.  Plus, you don't have to circle the block a million times to find parking (sorry, city planners, I know you've done a great job with ramps and such, but they're not always convenient!).

UBER Cabs Booking Using Mobile App
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All of us (especially those who lived even further from Buffalo) were saying we couldn't WAIT for Uber to finally get here in early July!  Another common theme (especially among "the boys") was "I can't WAIT for Bills season!" (Lets pump the breaks, guys...I'm a Bills fan too, but I don't want to rush summer by just yet!)  But...

The worlds are colliding people!

Uber is giving you a chance to win 4 tickets to the upcoming Bills Draft party on April 27th...and they'll be hand-delivered to you by none other than THURMAN THOMAS!

Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills
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Celebrating the official partnership with the Buffalo Bills, Uber has a super cool way of bringing the excitement to you, complete with the tickets, Mr. Thomas, free food and drinks, team tours, and a merch package with Bills gear and Uber swag!

How do you enter?

Between 12:30 and 2:30 today (4/26/17), open the Uber app.  Hit the pop-up at the bottom and request BILLS.  If you get connected with an Uber vehicle, the Thurminator will hand deliver your merch and tickets!

Obviously, demand is going to be huge, but hey, ya can't win if you don't play, right?  Why not???

Don't have it yet? Get your phone Uber- (and Thurman- ) ready!


Good luck!!! (And if you win, please take me with you. That is all.)

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