When you catch a cab, or take an Uber or Lyft you may have options. Not options on where you will go, or what kind of car will take you, but rather options like silence, hearing funny stories, being a therapist.

38-year-old Seattle Uber driver George Ure started giving his passengers some of these options by handing out MENUS when they get entered his car.

He'll either tell funny stories, be totally silent, act like your therapist, be as RUDE as possible, or be as CREEPY as possible by staring at you in the rearview mirror as he drives.

Personally I think this is a riot, although you may not think it as humorous or entertaining...

“Pretty much everybody who left my car was laughing hysterically,” Ure told GeekWire.

Decades ago it was your neighborhood barber, or bartender who was the therapist or comedian...but now this Uber driver can transport you in a different way.

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