There's nothing better after a long, hard day at work to go home have some dinner, jump on the treadmill and get ready to sit down and watch my favorite TV shows.

As I sit and watch the show I have never really thought about it, but me watching that show and the commercial breaks within the show is making the network ALOT of money!

Yahoo! has compiled a list of shows that are the most profitable. I am not going to list the shows, we'll play a game. I will give some clues. After you guess, click on the link below to check out the full story on Yahoo!

TV show ranked 1, is in it's 10th season and the phrase "we've got a hot one tonight" has been used frequently by a judge.

Tv show ranked 2, must find a replacement for it's biggest star after much controversy in recent weeks.

Tv show ranked 3, has a bunch of ladies involved in some sort of scandal.

Can you guess the top 3 correctly? Click the link HERE for the full story. Thanks for playing along!

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