Wait...are there any bars in Lancaster, New York?

Of course, but they may not be staple joints that the rest of Western New York would know. You would probably only know these if you lived in Lancaster. If there is one thing though that Lancaster needs, it's a reviving downtown. In a town where there is so much pride and culture, a major restaurant, you would think, would go great downtown as a central location. Downtown Lancaster already brings massive crowds for the fourth of July, Christmas in the village and more. It would seem like a no-brainer, at least.

Let's make this clear--you have to have the zip code 14086 to be on the list. Depew has it's own separate list for you to rank. Let's begin.

  • 1


    5820 Broadway St
  • 2

    Boston Hotel

    5555 Genesee St
  • 3


    5827 Broadway
  • 4

    99 Brick Oven

    99 Aurora St
  • 5


    5389 Genessee St
  • 6

    The Yelling Goat

    205 Central Avenue
  • 7

    Green Buffalo Pub

    165 Lake Ave
  • 8

    My Little Margie's

    5044 Broadway
  • 9


    3587 Walden Ave
  • 10

    Mooney's IV

    6513 Broadway

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