I put up my Halloween decorations last week and now for the fun part... Shopping for a Halloween costume.




Walmart already had slim pickings for kids Halloween costumes. It was absolutely insane. Last year, my daughter wanted to be UMA soooo bad from Disney's Descendants that the costume was on back order and wouldn't arrive in time for Halloween. Luckily, this year, I was able to get that costume for her. Even though it didn't make the top 5 I am placing it at number 6 for effort! LOL.


6. Disney's Descendants Uma

5. Violet or Dash from The Incredibles

4. Prince Harry or William

3. Wonder Woman

2. Unicorn

1. Frappuccino

You can check out the full list here according to Good Housekeeping :

If you can't find the costumes above, you can simply just make them. There's the good ol' fashioned ghost costume where you can grab an old sheet...

Or you can be really funny and have your kiddo dress up like Grandma or Grandpa. That's an easy fix too!

Either way, here's wishing you a Happy Halloween!

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