We all have that person in our lives that needs the latest and greatest gadget.  I am not a 'techie' but I do like cool stuff, and this list is packed with cool stuff.  Tech doesn't always have to equal pricey, but sometimes the price is worth it to make your life easier.


Val Townsends & Tony P's Top 5 Gifts for Techies:

1. Bose Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones - That's a long name, and you pay for every letter in it, but it is also worth every penny.  Finally noise cancelling headphones are wireless, and the top brand makes them.  Techies rejoice!

Bose Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones












2. Apple Watch Series 2 - Everything is better in the second series when it comes to technology, and the Apple Watch delivers it all. Unlike your favorite show, the product only gets better and better as the years go on!

Apple Watch Series 2












3. Anova Precision Cooker Wifi - If you have a techie who loves to cook, this will make their heads explode. They will have the ability to cook professional meals with the assistance of their smart phone. If food is involved I am always down!











4. Tile Slim Tracker - Does your Techie lose their tech all the time? This handy dandy little item will help keep track of their iPhone as long as they are in bluetooth range. Can I get one of these for my kids please??

tile slim tracker












5. Nomad Key for iPhone - Getting your phone connected just got easier with this inexpensive fix to one of life's biggest problem. No cable, no problem!


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