It's a's a's...Tony Tries Tuesday!  On this edition I try and conquer my fear of the 'Ride of Steel' at Darien Lake Theme Park.  Val Townsend forced me to do it but that doesn't mean I went without a fight!


If you are not familiar, Darien Lake's 'Ride of Steel' (commonly referred to as the Superman), is a roller coaster that reaches a height of 208 feet and 75 mph.  Now I am not afraid of roller coasters, and I have ridden all of the coasters that Darien Lake has to offer, but this one has always struck fear in me.  Is it the height?  The tiny track?  No shoulder harness?  All of the above.


Every time I would pull up to Darien Lake, the first thing I'd see is this ride...taunting me. For 18 years I have been afraid.  People who have ridden it say they love it, and people who won't say it's too insane.  I was the latter until today.  I took the challenge head on and even rode in the front seat...not willingly, Val kind of made me, but still I did it.


We were able to capture the action on video, and I even included the official coaster video so you can see what I saw as my life passed before my eyes.  Enjoy.


That was intense, but I have to be honest, I really enjoyed it.  It is an awesome ride and if it is one that you are hesitant about, I recommend riding it.  Admittedly, it helped that our Darien Lake intern Mollie walked us onto the ride so I didn't have time for my anxiety to build.  Also, for the record, I kept my eyes open the entire ride so there's that!


The fact is that the photo speaks for itself.  Does this look like someone who said 3 Hail Mary's and wrote out a will before riding??  Well it is, but I would ride it again!  (Props to the girl behind Val for making the face.)

Ride of Steel with Val & Tony



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