Imagine, putting a ton of work into a performance that then gets shut down just one week before you were supposed to get on stage to show it to people.  What do you do?

It's been happening to students all over the place as they prepare for their high school musicals.  They've been shut down, but there's a ton of uncertainty about if it's for good, or if they'll have time to fit it in before the year is over.

So much work goes into these performances from the set, to the costumes, and of course preparing the songs and choreography for the performance itself.  The high school musical is to performers as playoffs are to athletes.  This is what they've worked for.

So when the fear that it might not happen sets in, they often still want to share what they've done with someone.  Anyone who would appreciate it.

This is the case for Tonawanda High School.  They've been working hard and one week before their performance, COVID-19 started to have its devastating effect on the country.  But they haven't lost hope and have been practicing every day remotely to make sure that if the day comes that they ARE able to perform, they will be ready.  And I think they will...

Check out a sample of what they've been working on here...

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