There was a big pre-Emmy party on Sunday night, a fundraiser for the Motion Picture Television Fund and early on in the party Tom Arnold got into an altercation with TV Producer Mark Burnett. It was bad enough that Tom Arnold took to twitter to blame Burnett and Burnett's wife went on Twitter to call out Arnold.

Tom Arnold, who has a new show that deflects the President in bad light claims that Burnett went after him first.

Burnett's wife says otherwise.

Tom Arnold was choked by Burnett on a stairwell, according to the police report that Tom Arnold tweeted out, but people claim that Arnold was making comments to Burnett first, though the police report says otherwise.

According to Variety:

Arnold has been publicly bashing Burnett for months over Arnold’s insistence that the producer is protecting President Donald Trump by refusing to release outtakes from “The Apprentice” in which Trump allegedly uses racial slurs and makes other disturbing comments. Burnett executive produced the series, and Trump hosted.

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