When I was in college, there was no show I loved to watch more than TLC's Trading Spaces. I would literally lose hours of my life when there was a marathon on.

The best part of Trading Spaces wasn't the rooms that the designers did well -- it was the ones that turned out to be decorating nightmares. No decorator was more guilty of this than both Doug and Hildy (but, mostly Hildy).

Tony and I were talking about our memories of Trading Spaces, and first episode we both thought of immediately was the one where Hildy decorated a room with hay. Actual hay. Glued to the walls.

Among my favorite Hildy disasters is the "flower powder room," where she stapled fake flowers to the walls of a bathroom. A bathroom! Imagine the humidity and dust! The idea actually didn't look so bad, but I was horrified by the idea of putting a dust magnet that you can't clean that well in a bathroom.

I secretly loved it when Hildy made homeowners cry, and was likely responsible for destroying friendships between neighbors.

Here's a video of some of Trading Spaces' most hated room reveals.

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