Throwback Thursday's are fun because they take you back to a time in your past that you remember fondly.  As a kid, I remember going to The Ground Round and having a blast. Cartoons playing on the wall was mind blowing at that point in life!


If you grew up in the late '70s through the mid '80s you probably experienced The Ground Round.  Popcorn and Peanut shells on the floor, clowns, pinball, cartoon movies on the wall, and of course Pay What You Weigh/A Penny A Pound!  The creator of this place new exactly what they were doing when it came to kids.  Unfortunately the formula didn't last and The Ground Round (the way it was) is no longer around.


In Buffalo we had locations at the Seneca & Thruway Malls, and on Niagara Falls Blvd.  I didn't remember where they were located but I did remember going.  It was a big treat, and there really is nothing that compares to it today.


If you didn't get to experience the restaurant, or did and want to relive it, check out these old school commercials.  These will bring you back to a time when commercials were low quality, simple, and in the case of the Ground Round...include a guy playing a banjo.  You don't see many banjo's in commercials anymore, this place was ahead of it's time!

I can't decide which commercial I like more.  The first one is definitely older so it has that classic vibe, but the second one has the entire restaurant singing in unison with the banjo guy.  Both commercials have great deals so really both win.  Where can you get a quality $3 steak anymore??

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