Stink bugs. I have memories of growing up and my mom telling me to be weary of the dreaded stink bug. Not because of the danger they pose to humans, but because as their name suggest, they stink.

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Normally, as the weather gets colder during the fall, stink bugs make their way inside homes. This fall is expected to be a bad one for the stink bug season.

According to Mental Floss, a new study from Penn State Extension entomologist Greg Krawczyk predicts 2020's "stink bug" season will be a bad one.

The reason is because of this year's mild winter and the hotter than usual summer has resulted in two generations of stink bugs, instead of one. Monitoring traps places around orchards have confirmed the increase in stink bug numbers.

The stink bugs that many people know (the brown marmorated) originated from East Asia, but they've made their presence known in the U.S. in the 90s.

The worst region for this year's stink bug season should be the Mid-Atlantic.

Stink bugs are not harmful to humans and they don't bite. However, if you do squish one, they smell, really bad.

Experts suggest vacuuming them or luring them outside.

So, who had "increase in stink bugs" on the 2020 Bingo Card?

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