Christmas trees are green... right???? WRONG!



I have always had a fake tree every year in my home. It is just easier to put up and you don't have to worry about bugs, squirrels, or anything else. I have had the same Christmas tree for almost 4 years and it has been through floods, direct sunlight, and everything in between. I love my green Christmas tree.

Well, according to Good Morning America, black Christmas trees are the new thing. How popular are they? Well, it's up to 70 percent from last year in search engine sites like Google, and Wayfair, etc...

After further thought, it would be cool to have a Nightmare Before Christmas themed tree and I would be on board with that on top of a traditional tree but that's as far as I go. What do you think? Do you like this new trend? Are you for a black Christmas tree? What about pink? Silver? or White ones?

I'll just stick to my pine green fake tree that  I use every year!

Happy Holidays!

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