Fellow clear malt beverage drinkers of the early 90s, unite!  ZIMA is back, baby!

MillerCoors just announced ZIMA is back from the dead for a limited time, hitting the shelves by the Fourth of July.

It wooed us all in 1993 (not that I was underage drinking...of COURSE I wasn't...) and eventually took about 1% of American alcohol market.  It's popularity -- along with our acid washed jeans -- faded, and it was discontinued in 2008.

A MillerCoors spokesperson said once this run of ZIMA sells out, the dream is over.  They won't be making any more.

But mark my words -- if this is as big a hit as I THINK it's going to be, ZIMA will indeed ride again.

There wasn't a single going-out night during my days at SUNY Fredonia that ZIMA wasn't involved.  Some got fancy and dropped in a Jolly Rancher, but we purists just enjoyed it's natural, sugary, citrusy state.

Now get out your Cross Color jeans, line up all the DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince you can, and rock this 4th of July the right way.

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