Hundreds of guys showed up in Union Square thinking they were meeting a woman for the first time--only to meet each other and realize they're all there to meet the same girl.

Enter the girl.

Appearing on a stage she said that they're all there to fight for a date with her, Hunger Games Style. Most of the guys were not happy, as you could imagine and left. A woman named Natasha Aponte tricked hundreds of men on tinder to go on a date with her. She started listing off characteristics to weed people out and force them to leave.

Long beard? Leave

Like Donald Trump? Leave

It's unclear how many more charactersitics that she listed off, but there were 10 guys remaining and she made them do a sprinting competition and who won.

I kind of agree with the guy who commented on the story and said "If she were smart, she'd have waited for the first guy who walked away and picked him as the "winner." Assuming of course she's looking for a man with self respect." Haha

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