It's finally starting to feel like Spring.  Look at the outside of your house.  See anything wrong with it? Anything you might change about your house or yard, cosmetically or otherwise?  Now put yourself in your neighbors shoes...what might they be thinking?

Most homeowners say at least one of their neighbors has an ugly yard.

Here are some things that might make your neighbors judge you:

  1. Dirty exterior (your house) chipping paint.
  2. No Trespassing Signs
  3. Lawn not mowed
  4. Tacky mailboxes
  5. Chain link fences

Other dishonorable mentions from the survey of 2,000 Americans with a yard were: garish house colors, tacky mailboxes, no trespassing or beware of dog signs, garden gnomes, fairy statues, metal sculptures, paper lanterns, and trampolines.

If what your neighbors judge you for isn't motivation to keep your house in good shape, maybe curb appeal is.  More on that here.

(SWNS Digital)

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