It's probably best to use credit cards only for emergencies, and they pay off the balance when the statement comes.  But you may find that you have to use credit cards from time to time for everyday needs, but try never to use them for the following:

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1.  Big-ticket items you WANT but don't need.  You may want something, but is it worth going into debt for? Check to see if the store will give you 0% financing for the item, but plan to pay it off before the interest-free period expires.

2.  To pay off taxes.  If you sign up for a payment plan with the government, you can end up paying HALF the regular interest rate.

3.  Medical bills.  Most doctors and hospitals will work with you to help pay them off.

5.  To buy stocks or for investments.   Interest will cut into any profits so it's not worth the risk.


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