It's Monday morning, the day after a're tired, could use an extra day off...but what else will you complain about?

Here are some of the things that "we", according to those in-the-know complain about frequently:

  • The weather
  • Traffic
  • Feeling too cold/Feeling too hot
  • Customer service
  • Trouble connecting to wi-fi
  • people who cut in line

Do any of these sound familiar?  Survey says...YES...and we complain on average about 3 times a day.

A few more that just missed the top ten are loud neighbors . . . people being late . . . no parking spaces . . . people who stare at their phones . . . spam emails . . . a bad phone signal . . . and feeling hungry.

Can you think of some of your personal pet peeves? I hate when traffic has to merge and people race ahead a then expect you to let them in (at the last minute) Grrrrrr!

There's more from other countries, and the right way to complain from Yahoo here.

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