Who is ready for a gender neutral Santa? Because it could be on the way.

27% people surveyed out of the United States and United Kingdom polled said that they would like to see Santa as a woman and/or gender neutral.

78 percent of people still say they would want him to be a man. According to CBS in Pittsburgh, the company that initiated the study also found:

Among the other suggestions:

  • 22 percent said he should trade the sleigh and reindeer for a flying car.

  • 25 percent said he should turn in his boots and wear trainers.

  • 21 percent said he should go on a diet.

  • 23 percent said he should use Amazon Prime.

  • 20 percent said a tattooed Santa would be cool.

  • 18 percent said he should get a new hairstyle and wear skinny jeans.

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