If you don't already have one, you're getting one in your next new car because now they are mandatory.

Back up cameras are now going to be mandatory starting immediately on all new cars that are made. There are hundreds of deaths from backups a year and the government says that nearly all of them are kids because of their small size and the inability for drivers to see.

Regulations for better rearward visibility have been under consideration for years. In 2007, Congress signed the Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act into law, requiring NHTSA to set rear-visibility standards by 2011, but the agency delayed creating the standards for various reasons, in part because of governmental resistance and in part because the organization wanted to make sure that a precise rule could be written", according to autotrader.com.

How much will it cost? Experts predict that it will cost the consumer $40 and $140 extra depending on the car.

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