When The Office made it's debut, I was in love.

Full-on, can't-sleep-because-I'm-thinking-about-it, can't-wait-to-see-it-again, butterflies-in-my-tummy in love.

(Ok, maybe a slight exaggeration, but I did like it a whole bunch.)

It's quirky, quick, dry sense of sarcastic humor is right up my alley, and while a couple seasons seemed to phone it in, I still have some love for the show, and tonight, the entire thing comes to an end. Not since the Friends finale have I been this interested in a series finale.  Will Ross stay with Rachel and/or will Jim stay with Pam?

It's bittersweet. Yes, it's time for it to go away. But I'll still miss my favorite characters' antics on Thursday evenings.

Here's a video of John Krasinski ("Jim"), Jenna Fischer ("Pam") and Rainn Wilson ("Dwight"), among others, talking about what the show meant to them.

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