Happy 716 Day Buffalo! We've waited all year for this so let's make it count!



The Bisons are offering discounted tickets today to celebrate 716 Day. You can also receive $1.00 and $1.00 popcorn at the concessions to celebrate this awesome day!

They also have lots of fun events happening all week long as well. They even have the kids run the bases this Sunday too! Have you ever done it, before? Looks super cool!

You can also get their autograph too!

What are you doing to celebrate 716 day? Be sure to drink your loganberry, order those amazing Buffalo Chicken Wings and use your Blue Cheese appropriately and not like Dave and myself and swim in it! Ugh!

Can't make it to 716 day at The Bisons? Well, here is a full list of events, discounts, and fun things happening with The Buffalo Bisons. Always a win for the whole family!


Happy 716 day Buffalo, We rock!

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