To kick off "Tell Me Something Good Monday", I had to share with you my spectacular weekend!


My daughter who dances at Eugenia's Dance Studio had her first dance convention at Hollywood Vibe. I was a little nervous at first because she is 7 years old doing competition dance. I have full trust in her teacher, Miss Holly who said Amber was born ready for this. She wasn't lying! Amber was taught by choreographers who worked with The Jonas Brothers, One Direction, Madonna, and J LO just to name a few. She was even recognized in her tap class because she stood out among others her age.

Amber dance 1

The finale was her Express Dance group "Welcome To The Show!" Tears came down my face watching my daughter perform on a huge Hollywood like stage. She was smiling and enjoying it whole heart and soul, as she should be.

amber dance 2

When she got off stage, she ran up to me and gave me the biggest hug and said,

"Mom, I absolutely love the stage!"

I responded with,  "I know the feeling baby!"

Her dance won Overall High Score Intermediate Line/Production, 1st Place in Category and Best Direction for "Welcome To The Show!"

Huge shout out to Miss Holly and Jaime Schnaufer for preparing these dancers to succeed. In the picture here is my daughter, and studio owner, Miss Holly

Amber and miss holly


I can't be more proud of my daughter. Proud really is an understatement! Go Amber! Go!

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