Have you ever been to the Eternal Flame in Orchard Park? I went yesterday and it was absolutely amazing! What makes this flame eternal?



Cue the music from The Bangles, "An eternal flame..." Yes, I went there! I decided to go on an adventure this weekend and visit the Eternal Flame. I love how you climb through fallen trees, walk through streams and ravines just to get there. There is quite a bit of mystery around this, though. How can a flame stay eternal? Well, it doesn't always stay lit as it does go out periodically. Luckily, there are folks who go and relight it when it does go out.

What makes this eternal flame stay eternal? Well, scientists are actually baffled by this. According to DailyMail:

"For years, scientists thought that the eternal flame in New York was kept alight by gas produced by ancient, extremely hot rocks.

However, researchers from Indiana University have discovered that the rocks underneath the Chestnut Ridge County Park aren't hot enough to produce this gas, which means another process is producing the gas that's keeping the flame burning.

And they have not been able to identify exactly what the process is."


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