There are so many different mystery box companies out there. I'll let you in on some of the ones that I LOVE!



Remember those mystery packages that you would buy when you were a kid? You never knew what you were going to get. That's the fun part, right?

I subscribe to the following mystery boxes:

Birchbox: I adore Birchbox because for only 10 bucks a month, you get to sample some top notch make up and beauty products. You can customize your profile too! For me, I like to change my hair color with the seasons, so if I went red, they would send colors to accommodate that. If you want a sneak peek of what you are getting, they send you an e mail that literally says, "spoilers!" 

Singles Swag: I subscribed to this and it is really cool. Being single stinks because you have no one really "treating" you. That's why this box is perfect! You get snacks, cozy blankies, books, etc... It varies every season. What's awesome is you spend $40.00 and receive about $200 worth in products and you don't know what you will get. Again, you customize your profile and they will accommodate accordingly.

Fab Fit Fun: I was a sucker and fell for the Facebook videos of the celebs and their unboxing. This is also a neat concept too. You get beauty supplies, jewelry, etc... Again, you can customize itand for more money you can pick and choose what you want. Again, it runs around $50.00 and you receive about $200 worth in products. They ship by season too!

What mystery boxes do you subscribe to?

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