This morning we were talking on the show the simplicity of just smiling at people to make someone's day brighter--to help people that are in a tough place and lift them up when you can and sometimes it only take a smile.

This man on Facebook's young daughter named Emma, has a rare form of brain cancer and she has to have a walker to get around. Her dad usually supports her by holding her as she tries to walk with the support. They were in Boston for treatment and their tradition is going to their favorite oyster spot and while they were leaving, Emma and her walker weren't moving quite as fast as this cranky man wanted.

The dad wanted to share the story so, he can spread a positive message instead of negative.

He said and I quote what the (expletive) are you doing he goes that's what's wrong with kids, make her walk," Brent said this statement caused mixed emotions to run through his mind. On the one hand, "I never entertained the thought of fighting a man with my daughter in the other arm," said Brent", according to WKBW.

His response?

and I said well for a matter of fact my daughter can't walk and I'm happy to carry her because she's been carrying my faith and my ability to function for the last 5 years. Her strength has shown me how to do things."

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