Do you have a robin that has been pecking at your windows lately?  They can be relentless!  How do you get them to stop?

Has this happened to you already this spring?  You're sleeping comfortably in bed when suddenly you hear what sounds like someone is knocking on your window.  You get up to see who it is, only to find a robin outside that is attacking the glass.  It feels like they're really going to hurt themselves or at the very least, break your window (which has actually happened at my house before).

They're beautiful to look at, and so many people love to see them because it's a sign of spring, but when they're being destructive to your house or your windows, you have to do something to protect your home...and the bird.

First of all, why do they do it?

The first thing to do is to figure out why the robins are doing it in the first place?  Are they angry with you?  Do they just hate windows?

Nope...robins are just very territorial.  Most of the robins that you see attacking glass are doing it because they're seeing their own reflection and trying to protect their territory.  Chances are, there's a nest nearby.

Can you do something to stop it without hurting the bird?

Yes.  There are plenty of options to try.  Essentially, the best thing to do is to remove the "image bird" or the bird's reflection from the window.  Make it so that the robin doesn't see another bird in your window.

Unfortunately, they aren't all 100% guaranteed.  Some will work for a little while, and others are just unsightly to try.  But they're all methods that people have tried and worked at one point or another.  Heck, they have to be better than cleaning the windows all the time and waking up to a bird pecking at your window!

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