The video has been going viral about the stolen dog...

I think we all can agree that the footage of the dog that was stolen on camera was really bothersome. The poor dog was trying not to go with the thief and was even resisting. It was really heartbreaking! To know this happened on Manhattan Ave right in Buffalo is even worse!

The Siberian Husky was turned into The Buffalo Animal Shelter. The shelter scanned the dog to see if it had a microchip and IT DID! Thank goodness!

The Buffalo Animal Shelter was able to contact the owners to pick up their dog! Thank goodness! We can all sleep again! How disturbing, though. Shame on that person who would EVER steal a dog from their home. What is wrong with people?

We feature a dog every Thursday for "Pet of the Week" from The Buffalo Animal Shelter. You can find a furry friend for their FUURRR ever home anytime by visiting The Buffalo Animal Shelter.

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