The Stinger Sub is a very "Buffalo" creation. Whhere do you go to find the best one?

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What is a Stinger Sub?

Here in Buffalo, we call just about all "Heroes," "Hoagies," and "Submarine Sandwiches" Subs.  The Stinger is a combo sub that combines steak and chicken fingers.  St-Inger.  Get it?  Picture a Philly cheesesteak sub with Buffalo sauced chicken fingers.  That is your Stinger.

Where did the Stinger Sub come from?

Legend has it that the Stinger was created at Jim's Steakout here in Buffalo.  It even makes a list of "America's Best New Sandwiches" just a couple of years ago. Just like any other huge food creation, there are others who claim that they were the ones who created it.  This article claims that it was first made at Colosso Taco in Tonawanda.  Either way, it was definitely a Buffalo creation.

Where can someone get one today?

Today, you can get them at a number of places.  They're on a ton of different menus and everyone does them differently.  Some people add their own signature sauce (Like Jim's Steakout does) others leave the lettuce and tomato off (which you could do in any restaurant anyway).  It all depends on what you like on your sub.

Then where is the BEST place to get one?

That is up for debate too.  Some people like them a little sloppier, others like them when they're a little more contained.  Here's a list for you to try out and decide for yourself.  It could be like your own little Stinger Sub Bucket List.  Good luck getting through it!

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