The Erie County Fair is going on through this weekend, so make sure you head out to the Hamburg Fairgrounds before Monday, because you'll have to wait until August of 2023. The weather should be phenomenal today and tomorrow for it.

It's been another successful year at the fair and one of the cool things about the month of August is that it features both the fair and the first full month of a new Buffalo Bills season, with training camp and the preseason.

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Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs is entering his third season with the team and made some headlines this week regarding fairs.

Diggs tweeted out that nobody beats the Minnesota State Fair and that led to many Bills fans letting him know about the Erie County Fair.

Then, the Erie County Fair's CEO responded to Diggs' tweets, which also included how Diggs wanted funnel cakes, badly.

On Thursday night, Diggs tweeted a shoutout to the Erie County Fair and Taylor's Funnel Cakes for having funnel cakes dropped off at his place. He said, "gotta love Buffalo."

What an amazing tweet!

I love the genesis of this story. One simple tweet led to the Erie County Fair taking notice and making sure the Bills best wide receiver (and one of the best in the NFL) knew about the amazing and gigantic fair food that Buffalonians have been loving for years.

No food signifies a fair like funnel cakes and the Erie County Fair is the right place to go to get some.

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