It's a big day for Starbucks lovers all over the country...the new holiday cups are being released this weekend and they've got free stuff to give you.

Yes, it's a big deal these days.  It's the day that Starbucks starts to serve their coffee in the newly designed holiday cups that they've created.  Something that really wasn't a big deal years ago.  Then people threw a fit over the fact that their Christmas cups said Merry Christmas on them.

So now they actually draw attention to their new cups to show that they're meant for everyone and certainly not meant to exclude anyone.  Everyone can love Starbucks (right?).

Along with the cups are the holiday drinks.  This year they've got special holiday beverages back like Peppermint Mocha Toasted White Chocolate Mocha, Caramel Brulee, Chestnut Praline, and Eggnog lattes.

And they've got free stuff to give you too.  If you get a special holiday beverage (today only 11/6), they will give you a reusable red holiday cup to say thanks.

In the past, you could use that reusable cup and get special deals and discounts.  However, due to the pandemic, they're still not allowing them to be brought back into the stores in order to keep not only their customers but their workers safe.

So what will the new cups look like?

And if you notice...none of them say Merry Christmas.  There are people on either side of that fence.  So this year, they used the colors and mostly stayed away from the words.  I'm not sure where you stand on it.  I could care less what it says on the outside of my cup.  I just care about how the coffee tastes.


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