This past weekend several Orchard Park residents woke up Saturday to find that their vehicles had been vandalized with spray paint.  To make it worse (yes it's possible) there were offensive swastikas and other offensive pictures and racial slurs sprayed on the vehicles.


There were 11 vehicles affected, including a van that is used for a disabled girl's transportation.  First of all who does this?  I mean there is a cold place in hell for spray painting someones property, but to take it a step further and have it be racially or religiously motivated is just messed up.  It also didn't make sense.  The vandalism didn't match up with the victims.


Trying to figure out the motivation of idiots is almost not worth our time, all we can do is focus on fixing the problem.  Fortunately at least one South Buffalo business is pitching in to help out.  Transit Collision on Abbott Road in South Buffalo is offering to repair the damaged vehicles for free.


This is a great thing to see when sometimes it seems like we are all on our own.  The owner of Transit Collision, Roman Celniker, says he is happy to help and that a situation like this is personal to him.  Roughly 25 years ago his family moved here to escape anti-Semitism.  He knows first hand the horror of this and sees an opportunity to help.


I would like to personally applaud Roman and the team at Transit Collision for stepping up like this.  It is a great thing and helps restore faith in humanity.  That's for helping make Western New York the greatest place to be!


If you were affected by the vandalism, you can contact Transit Collision 901-0176 or check their website at

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