We are still weeks away from Christmas, so maybe you will agree that it’s a little early to put this product on the shelves (especially when it’s not even that good).

If you have been to Wegman’s recently, you might have caught a glimpse of the nation’s most divisive drink of the holiday season. 



The term “eggnog” is just unsettling. Like...you realize eggnog is made with raw eggs, right?

I realize some people like it, but it’s pretty soon for eggnog, isn’t it?

National Eggnog Month officially begins in December, but turns out -- we’re in the middle of their season right now.

Typically, eggnog season begins in late October and lasts until the end of the holiday season, but making cookies is also big this time of year, which leaves me with one question: Why is eggnog safe to drink with raw eggs, but cookie dough is deemed unsafe to eat?


I did some digging to find out.

Most store bought eggnogs look like they use cooked eggs through the pasteurization process, so you should be safe buying eggnog from Wegmans. If it still feels risky to consume eggnog on its own, try adding a little bourbon to the mix. It’s been said that alcohol, when added to an eggnog recipe, will reduce the harmful bacteria that remains in the raw eggs.

Alcohol reduces the risk of salmonella, sure, but it’s not 100% effective. But that is ok because the heavy cream in the eggnog works to dually protect you from Salmonella cells.

Cookie dough is a little different because it doesn’t have an ingredient that works the way the heavy cream does in the eggnog, but I don’t think that will stop me this holiday season.

Maybe I should give eggnog a chance, considering there is a higher risk of salmonella when you consume raw cookie dough.

You can get your eggnog on the shelf now at Wegmans.

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