With the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks it is hard to decide whether or not 9/11 should be considered a National Holiday.



According to a new poll 38% of people say it should be considered a National Holiday.

42% of people believe that it shouldn't be a National Holiday.

20% of people are like myself and can't decide.

I would hate to see it become a National Holiday just based on the mere fact that people would advertise their mattress sales, and it's a reason for people to have parties. That is what we do, unfortunately. This tragedy is still so new to everyone even 17 years later, that it would be morally unethical to throw parties and have mattress sales at this time.

In the same sense, we should honor the people who passed and ultimately the first responders who risked their lives. Even now, with those first responders they are suffering from cancer due to the smoke inhalation. It was certainly considered a tragedy and one where we will never forget.

What do you think?

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