I took my daughter to Toys R Us yesterday in Blasdell, NY and it was so sad to see...


Like many shoppers, I can't pass up an amazing deal. To know that there's 90 percent off of toys is just mind boggling to me. I decided to take my daughter, Amber there one last time to say good-bye.

Well, when you first walked in the shelves were bare and there was caution tape everywhere. I was in utter shock. Amber even shed a tear or two. They had what was left in the front of the store. There really wasn't much of anything.

Amber was shuffling around in the bins to see what toys were left. We left with a calendar, a cardboard city maker, hair ties, and a Christmas ornament. My total came to under $4.00.


It was sad to see this major store go under. I know when I was my daughter's age, Child World closed and I was heart broken and then Toys R Us came in. It is a different world though. We have people buying online which causes these major stores to close. It's bitter sweet really.

Good-bye to an era. Good-bye Toys R Us.

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