The Buffalo Sabres just made a big trade (in relative terms) with the Minnesota Wild and brought back a familiar face.  A former captain is back in the fold which means that the population of his town has gone up by 1.


Jason Pominville is a Sabre once again (at least for now), along with Marco Scandella and a 4th round pick in 2018.  In return, the Wild get Tyler Ennis (my former favorite Sabre) and Marcus Foligno and a 3rd round pick in 2018.


I have mixed emotions about this because as much as I like to see Pominville back in the Blue 'n Gold, I hate to see Ennis and Foligno go.  I am unfamiliar with the other player in the trade (Scandella) but I have to assume he is good since we swapped picks in 2018, with Minnesota getting the better one.


Hopefully the Sabres are on the right track, and moves like this have me excited for a winter sport in the middle of Summer.  We are so starved to win again, the Sabres could trade Eichel and I wouldn't flinch.  Whatever it takes, let's do this!  Good luck to Tyler and Marcus, you were fun to watch.

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