When I first heard about this, I really couldn't believe it. Then I saw the video and I was shocked, then surprised, and then I had a few questions.

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Just picture how this occurred: two men are in a restaurant, it appears as if they are waiting for their order to be ready. One man is typing away on his phone, he most likely just #TapThatApp to hear Buffalo's Biggest Jams. The other man has a soda, or maybe a brew in his hand, and goes to sit it down on a table. Then, literally out of nowhere a Buffalo busts through the door, digs its horn into the backside of the man who was holding the soda, and sends him flying. The Buffalo then proceeds to tear through the eatery tossing tables and chairs everywhere, before busting out of another door heading back outside.

I have so many questions:

  1. Is this a Buffalo? or a Bison? Maybe it's a Bull?
  2. Is that a leash around its neck?
    1. If it is a leash, do people actually have Buffalo as a pet?
  3. Were there any wagons circled before the Buffalo got loose?

While this all occurred somewhere in Eastern China, I didn't notice if any actual china was damaged during this encounter.

I haven't been able to find any additional reports on the condition of the man who was hit. I hope he's ok. I also hope that Buffalo found his way home and is safely locked away.

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