Life is full of moments, some good and some bad, but if you want to have the best moment ever, you need to do this.

On Thursday, I had the chance to be part of an amazing moment in my Aunt's life. After a battle with cancer, she was declared cancer-free and she had the chance to ring the "Cancer Free" bell at Roswell Park in Buffalo, New York.

Being there along with our family, friends, and her care staff from Roswell as she rang the bell is one of the best moments in my life.

Knowing everything that she went through in her battle with cancer and to come out on the other side cancer free is amazing. I will tell you I got goosebumps when she rang that bell, telling the world she beat cancer.

The love that could be felt in that room for my aunt from the people closest in her life was amazing.

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So if you ever have the chance to be part of someone's bell ringing, you need to go. Hearing the bell ring echo through the hospital lobby is one of the best sounds in the world.

It is even better when you get a chance to hear that bell ring every day and now you can do that. Roswell Park is in desperate need of volunteers and they are looking for you.

Volunteers are needed throughout the hospital including the Gift Shop, Hospitality Room, and Chapel. Volunteers are also needed to help in the waiting areas with craft and coffee carts.

Sign up to Volunteer HERE.

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